Market Intelligence –  Provides recurring and focused reports, synthesizing all of the fundamental knowledge necessary for comprehending this complex ecosystem. As a complement to the reports and presentations, we provide access to our CryptoBase, the expert system where we keep track of research trends and results, technical material and hottest projects, as well as events and business ventures taking place in this ever changing environment.

Accademy – Offers specifically designed C-suit courses, developer courses and e-learning held by recognised experts both from the Italian and the Global communities.

Sponsorship – Organize monthly meetups with the local blockchain technology community in order to grow and nurture it – exposing it to the most prominent experts and gurus from all over the world. Moreover we attract outstanding international conferences in Milan, attended by the global community. In the blockchain technology environment there are therefore extraordinary opportunities for our clients to get recognition and prime visibility, both at the events and within structures.

Projects – Develops Projects and Proofs of Concept covering different industries and business areas by leveraging on the blockchain technology. We provide strategic and technical advisory – custom tailored for our client’s needs – with an approach to opportunity identification and problem solving, thanks to the vanguard expertise of Lab’s resident and visiting experts.

Skill BuildingProvides with learning on the job internships at the Lab’s structures. During this period the developers can learn and grow their competences through the Lab’s contamination process. From thereon, we help our clients by spotting the most promising profiles in the field and by connecting them to one another.

Investment opportunitiesThanks to our network we are able to get to connect with the various startup teams and thereupon we assist our clients in structuring the best investment deals.